Winding KP Shadow

i’m trying to wind a couple hanks of shadow, and i’m having nothing but problems. when i used my swift, the yarn kept breaking. so i thought, no problem, i’ll just put the yarn on the floor and separate it as i wind it. no dice. now it’s getting tangled. i tried to untangle it, but i’ve ended up winding the tail end around a sharpie. i’m going to see how close i can get to the tangled up mess and just maneuver the sharpie through it.

what is the best way to wind the shadow? please tell me there is one. this is getting just a little too frustrating to have to do again.

I don’t have a winder and I think laceweight is a little too delicate for one. I hung my hank over the arm of the couch and wound by hand.

i’ve actually used a winder on another hank of shadow and it worked fine. but that’s probably because i’d wind a few rounds and then stop and separate more yarn to wind, wind and separate. i definitely wasn’t going fast at all. the swift was putting too much tension on the yarn. i think i remember seeing something somewhere online that was meant for winding laceweight, but of course i have absolutely no idea about the details.