Winding a skein into a ball by hand?

I bought some yarn and it was a skein, I believe. It was wrapped in a big circle, folded in half and twisted, with little pieces of yarn wrapped around this circle every so often. Don’t laugh. Anyway, I started wrapping a ball from this and it became so tangled. It took hours to get it all wrapped into a ball. I have one more skein and do not want to make the same mistake. How do you keep it from tangling? Is there a simple way?

I think you could wrap it in a ball if you either have someone put their hands in the circle and hold it open for you…or put it around the back of a chair (for the same reason)…or you could get a table swift (I don’t have one, but I think you could order one from, or get one at your LYS.)

Not sure if that’s a skein or a hank. I don’t know.

Oh, that’s the word “hank”. See I knew I didn’t know what I was talking about. lol I will try the back of a chair. Thank you.

Yeah, that’s a hank. A skein is like one you buy in the store and try to find the center pull yarn on it. :teehee:

I usually get my husband to hold it and then I wind it. If I buy it at the LYS I have them wind it though.

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Amy has a great video on here on how to wind yarn into a center pull ball by hand. It’s under “Free Videos” in the “Tips” section, almost to the bottom. It works very well and if you have someone hold the hank or anchor it around the back of a chair you should be happy with the results.

Happy knitting!

Ruthie :knitting:

I either put my hand through the “big circle” and begin winding a ball from the end, or put the circle on my knees (you need to be seated to do this), and use my knees to keep tension on it, while I wind the ball.

That, or ask for someone else to help/use a chair.

Ruthie, I did see that a while back or I wouldn’t know even how to start a ball of yarn. Thanks.

yup, I was gonna suggest the back of a chair. that’s how I’ve done it before I got a swift. :slight_smile:

I drape the hank of yarn around my knees while lounging in bed or on the couch and then wind from there. I also bought a table top swift which I occasionally get out to hold my hank while I wind. But sometimes it’s just easier to drape it around my knees.

I have used the back of a chair method but then discovered it was easier to turn the chair upsidedown and put the hank over two or three legs. That way you can sit down while winding.

I do the knee thing as well.

I also wind it into a center pull ball by holding the loose end in my palm with three fingers and then wind a ball around my thumb. Then, once you are finished winding, the piece of yarn you were holding with your fingers is the center pull part. There is another way that you can wind a center pull ball using a figure 8 pattern on your pinky and thumb, but I find that one to be clumsy and it doens’t make as nice a ball.