Winding a center pull ball?

Would Amy’s method for winding a center pull ball be sufficient to use 2 strands from one ball like you can with a pull skein or no? I know I’ll have the yarn vomit at the beginning, but besides that, will it then flow pretty well pretty much?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I’ve done a center pull ball with two strands and it worked fine. Mostly I just use two center pull balls when I need two strands since they unwind so nicely. When they become really floppy after most of the innards are used up, I’ll re-wind what’s left of the two into one center pull. Does that make any sense?


it’s working fine so far, thanks for your input! I am trying to finish this project using only one hank, otherwise I would have done 2, that is way easier, and I also roll them into one when things start getting messy, so I totally get you. :slight_smile: I know I could’ve done 2 balls from the 1, but I get all upset if I don’t guess at them evenly. (an example of where my OCD leaks into my knitting.) :wink: thanks again! :smiley: