Wilton Dye for Wool

Well, I’m posting again! Some would say that this is because I have no life - but I prefer to think of it as a passion for knitting! :roflhard: :roflhard:

I just purchased some Wilton frosting dye because I have a hankering to dye my own yarn (heck, I give it 6 months before I have my own SHEEP in the backyard!). I saw the coolest diaper soaker that a mama made that was green and brown and looked like a scoop of mint chip ice cream. As far as I’m concerned, if you can combine ice cream, chocolate, knitting and yarn, well, what exactly IS there left to include?? (I suppose if some gorgeous hunk-o-man was knitting it, that would improve it slightly!)

Here’s the soaker that i loved:

ANYWAY, anyone have any experience with this? I searched the archives and couldn’t find any advice on here. Am I just searching the wrong way?

Any and all comments are welcome. Thanks! I am also willing to return Wilton’s and get KoolAid if you guys think it’s a better choice.


I don’t know anything about dyeing yarn, but if you’ve got no life at 25 posts, what does that say about me?!! :shock: :help:

:roflhard: :roflhard:

Poor Ingy

Some instructions, for kool-aid, but I think the method would be about the same using any food dye…



Here is a tutorial about using Wilton: http://www.reenieart.com/dyeing.htm

I’ve used it before and I like it better than Kool Aid. I attached a pic…the yarn was done with Wilton.

i’ve dye with Wiltons… like you found no instructions so i just experimented!!!

its just like when you dye the frosting …if you use a lot you will get bright bold colors!

yay!!! another cloth diapering mama here!!!
i am in the process of making some longies for my baby…except i had to frog about 25 rows…grrrr

all i know about dying wool is that you need fiber-reactiev dye. do not use RI…it will bleed like crazy. kool aid is supposed to work well, but you need a TON of it to get bright colors.

that soaker is SOOO cute!
my first knitted project was a soaker, but i didnt bind of correctly and it unraveled! HAHAHA