Will you proofread my pattern adj. & check my math? LONG

The pattern I was starting in a previous post was starting to make my brain hurt…8 rows of a panel pattern to be used within 10 rows of the lace stripe pattern of the dress…ugh! :zombie: :eyes:

This is a picture of the pattern book I have decided to use for making my daughter’s baptism dress. The picture that you see on the front cover is the dress that was giving me the headache. Inside there is also a pattern for a Feather and Fan jacket/sweater. I’ve decided to adapt the Feather and Fan pattern to the dress on the front cover. It will be much easier to keep track of what I’m knitting! (Not to mention the fact that it would be a closer match to the feather and fan blanket that my mom knitted for dd’s baptism.) But the bottom of the Feather and Fan jacket/sweater is done in one piece (not in the round); the dress is knitted in two pieces (front and back), plus sleeves of course.

I’ve adjusted the numbers, and I think this will work. The gauge is the same in both patterns. I just need some extra eyes to take a look at this to make sure my math is correct and my thinking isn’t flawed. Here goes…

(Both the front and the back of the dress would start like this.)

[i]With smaller needles, cast on 147 sts.
Work 4 rows even in stocking st.
Next row: (RS) (Picot row). K1 *yo, K2tog. Rep from * to end of row.
Beg with a purl row, work 5 rows in stocking st.

Change to larger needles and proceed in pat. as follows:
1st row: (RS) Sl1, K1. *K2tog 2x; (yo, K1) 3x; yo; K2tog 2x; K1. Rep from * to last stitch. K1.

2nd row: Sl1, Purl to end of row.

3rd row: Sl1, Knit to end of row.

4th row: Sl1, Purl to end of row.

Cont even in pattern until work from Picot Row measures approx 17.5" (may change this to less to move it down closer to the waist. I’ll have to measure dd around the waist first and compare to her chest measurement), ending with a 3rd row of pattern.

Next row: (WS). (P1. P2tog) 5x; (P2tog) 57 times; (P1. P2tog) 6x. 78 sts.

Next row: K1. * yo. K2tog. Rep from * to last st. K1.

Next row: Purl.[/i]

Then it goes on into armhole shaping, etc.

What do you think? Does that seem reasonable? :shrug: And aside from assuming that all of the numbers are correct, seaming the front and back together at the sides should work without too much disruption of the feather and fan pattern, right?

Thank you so much for reading such a long post! :muah:

Hi Lisa Kay,

I proofread your pattern, and everything looks good until:

Next Row: (WS) (P1, P2tog) 5x; (P2tog) 57 times; (P1, P2tog) 6x 78 st.

When I go through this I get 79 stitches: 15 down to 10, 114 down to 57, 18 down to 12. Then 10+57+12=79.

If you need 78 stitches for the armhole shaping I’d do: (P1, P2tog) 5x; (P2tog) 58 times; (P1, P2tog) 5x = 78 stitches. It’s more symetrical too.

Good luck! This will be lovely when it’s done and a real family heirloom.


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Thank you so much, Mary! I appreciate the extra set of eyes. This is the first time I’ve tried to make such a major change to a pattern.

Yeah, that’s me, deciding to do a major pattern alteration for the first time when the project is my daughter’s baptism dress. :teehee: Oh well, at least she’s 8 months old now…better than trying to do this when she was only a month or two old and I was still completely post-partum hormonal. :rofl: That would not have been good.

Thanks again, Mary! Now I really need to get knitting! xxx

Okay, I’m tweaking again so that I can use stitch markers to keep track of the feather and fan pattern… :teehee:

I think all I need to do is add a stitch. So I will cast on 148 (instead of 147).
I’ll add a K1 at the end of the Picot row so it becomes:
K1 *yo, K2tog. Rep from * to last stitch. K1

So the first row of the feather and fan pattern becomes:
1st row: (RS) Sl1, K1. *K2tog 2x; (yo, K1) 3x; yo; K2tog 2x; K1. Rep from * to last stitch. K2

That way I have 2 stitches on each edge, and can then use stitch markers to mark the 12 stitch repeat of the feather and fan pattern.

And then once I’ve reached 17.5", the decrease row to get me down to 78 stitches becomes:
(P1, P2tog) 5x; (P2tog) 59 times; (P1, P2tog) 5x = 78 stitches



Hi Lisa Kay,

In your modified pattern starting with 148 stitches, you’ll be OK until the decrease row. Doing the P2tog 59 times will leave you with 79 stitches.

Try this: (P1, P2tog) x 4, (P2tog) x 62, (P2tog, P1) x 4.
It will leave you with 8 + 62 + 8 = 78 stitches.


:waving: Thanks again, Mary! :smiley: