Will U of Memphis take it all this year in bball

I sure would love for them to. The #1team U of M and #2 Tennessee play this weekend I think so you know our state is pumped up! lol

I would love for Calipari to go all the way undefeated this year. It sure would be nice for those boys.:cheering: :cheering: GO U of M!!! (my alma mater btw back in the old days when it was Memphis State)

Nonny I’d love to see Memphis go all the way. That is if Tennessee doesn’t beat them Saturday!

[COLOR=darkorange][B]GO VOLS![/B][/COLOR]

My niece is a UT student–I HAVE to be for the Vols. But if the Vols don’t win, [COLOR=royalblue] [B]GO TIGERS[/B][/COLOR][COLOR=royalblue][B]![/B][/COLOR]

It would be really exciting if they did. I’m a Buckeye (please try to imagine my pain for the last few years. Be gentle with me :aww: ).

I absolutely LOVE March Madness! In fact, I’ve taken the Thursday and Friday off to watch it all. I had Memphis going quite far last year and I’m thinking it may happen again. They will definitely be on my bracket!

Saturday’s game should be exciting. My husband doesn’t think that Memphis can get past Tennessee, but I disagree. Should make for a raucous night at my house. Good Luck Tigers!!

Well, I grew up around South Bend so my son is a huge Notre Dame fan (he lives 4 blocks from ND in fact) My hubby loved IU when Bobby was still there and then Texas Tech, but he is really into the Memphis thing. I don’t like bball much anymore because I think it and football have turned into thugball as I call it, though college isn’t so bad.

I think if Memphis can make their stand early with the Vols they can beat them, but Calipari has to get those boys to play tough right from the beginning. The Vols are a good team so it is a toss up. I would just love to see Memphis go undefeated totally. Such a great thing for a smaller school.

Tigers need to have nothing but practice in free throws until Saturday. There are about 341 schools in conference basketball play and Memphis is 341 in free throwing. I want them to win, but the Vols are going to aim at their weakness and bring them to the line every chance they get.

You are right on the money. I have never seen a team that stinks as incredibly bad at free throws that is undefeated. Just think what they would be like if they had even 3 guys who could shoot them well! The Vols are not going to be a walk in the park. We shall see if they can beat them, but they are going to have to come out hard and tough and keep fouling to a minimum. I really do hope they have the hutzpa to win though. I know this town is buzzing like you can’t believe. ESPN is going to be in town with Digger (who I love) and “Dickie V” (ugh) so I think we are going to stay away from downtown towmorrow, that’s for sure!

Oh, shoot.:doh: Dickie V’s doing the game? I’ll have to stop my ears up with chewing gum or something–he grates on my last nerve! :hair:But I love Digger --I wanted to go to college at Notre Dame until he quit coaching.
Hey, when I was a teenager picking a college because of a cute basketball coach was perfectly logical. Of course, I also applied at Pepperdine cause it was close to the beach in Mailbu–the girl who can’t swim, dislikes sand in weird bodily places and who blisters in the sun. :shrug:

BTW: [COLOR=darkorange]GO VOLS![/COLOR]

I grew up in South Bend and lived there my whole life until I married. We moved back for a few years after my husband retired from the Navy and when we lived up there, he had a job where he traveled a lot. One evening I went to pick him up at the SBRegional airport. Lord, have mercy, Dickie V had come in on a plane for something to do with his dd (who went to ND) and he was holding court like some king right in the middle of the concourse. He is so grating, isn’t he, worse than Howard Cosell used to me. I love Digger too and think he was the best bball coach Notre Dame ever had. He lives one block from my son’s house and Jay sees him all the time. (My son lives 4 blocks from Notre Dame) My dh absolutely hates Notre Dame above all things and my sister, her husband and all her kids and their families live in and around South Bend and of course are huge ND fans. When we lived up there we used to get together for the ND football games on Saturday at my niece’s house. My husband, snot that he is, programmed his computer to play the fight song of whatever school they were playing and whenever the team would make a touch down against ND he would start it up! :rofl: We were lucky we weren’t banned!:teehee:

:teehee: Your husband and my dad would get along famously–he hates Notre Dame. I’m not sure why 'cause as a teenager he lived in LaPorte and attended a few football games in South Bend.

Believe it or not, it all came about because of one football game back when Ara Parseghian was the coach probably sometime in the late 60’s and went for a tie instead of a win and I am not sure of even who they played except Jack grew up in Las Cruces, NM and was a Texas Longhorn fan so it might have been them for all I know. Ever since then Jack has hated Notre Dame. I could care less so to keep peace I pretend to hate them too! lol

:thud: I can’t believe it. Tennesse won the game. And I MISSED THE WHOLE THING! I was shopping Saturday afternoon, bent to get some aspirin (how ironic is that) on a low shelf and threw my back out! Terrible, horrible pain. Had to get home and take massive dosage of pain medication. Left me practically unconscious for two days so I SLEPT through the whole game.