Will this yarn work?

Requesting amnesty for the following stupid question.

I have some Boucle Traditions yarn that I was going to knit up for a scarf. (Yarn Bee Boucle Traditions yarn is made of 90% acrylic and 10% polyester and is of medium weight.)
I’ve attached a pix of the stuff.

My question is…will this yarn completely hide the pattern of the scarf pictured in this post? The pattern for this scarf calls for some other yarn but I didn’t know if I could switch yarns and still get the same overall effect.

Thanks from this new knitter.

I have seen the Yarn Bee yarn in person, and I’m guessing that the other yarn is Manos del Uruguay or something of a very similar weight (I think I recognize the colorway).

The Yarn Bee is thinner than the Manos, and it’s slubby. I think you’re going to have to make a test swatch to see if you like it, because it will certainly be different. And you may have to change needle sizes until you get the fabric you want.

Good luck!

I agree with the test swatch, It will only take a bit of time and you will see if you like how the pattern shows up. I personally dislike boucle yarn as it hides patterns, (and mistakes:roflhard:). You might like it though, you never know:knitting:

i think that pattern is too subtle for boucle to do it justice…