Will this yarn work with pattern?

I have a shawl pattern that is calling for 550 yds of yarn. They suggest yarn that has 425 yds to 4 ounces. Gauge 24 sts and 32 rows to 4 inches

I would like to use yarn that is a little thicker. There are 250 yds to 4 ounces (500 yds on 8 oz skein)… Gauge: 20 sts to 4 inches.

I have 2 skeins (1000 yds).

Will this be enough to complete the pattern?

I know the yarn would make a slightly larger shawl - Some have been telling me that I have enough wool and others have said I don’t have enough.

Can someone please let me know for sure and why?

Thanks so much.

Here’s a link to a rough yardage calculator that is useful when you are changing gauge in a simple pattern

You can go way up on the needle size and do less sts or pattern repeats and you should be okay. It helps if you tell us which pattern it is though, then we can see how much the original is supposed to take. But you ought to have enough at 1000 yards.

the pattern is pea vines shawl by knitspot.com

to Salmonmac - thx for the link to the knitting gauge - this is a great tool!

Okay, you’ll probably have to use less stitches. Figure out how many inches the CO would be in the pattern gauge, then multiply the inches times your gauge. You’ll have to adjust that number a little so you get the right multiple for the lace pattern. I see there’s a couple different sizes, so you might want to make the smaller one. You’ll probably have enough yarn for 2 shawls.

would I have to use less stitches for the 1000 yards?? Would like the medium size and I think that the thicker wool would yield a slightly larger shawl which is fine for me (medium as 24 inches is too short - so I thought the yarn and medium pattern would create something larger than medium but smaller than large)

Well sure, you could use the sts for the medium pattern, and larger needles. Because of the lace pattern, you wouldn’t want to use the size 4 needles, but at least 7s and maybe even 8 or 9s, or the pattern isn’t going to open up too much.

That would be great. I’ll probably use 8s because I tend to knit a little loose. Just wanted to be sure that the 1000 yds would be enough. The yarn that I have in mind is so pretty and would work well with this pattern