Will this yarn work ofr socks

I am anxious to try and make socks and I have this pretty yarn I want to use, but not sure if its right. Its called Bernat Berella “4” The Afghan Yarn. its worsted weight. Another question I have is what the '4" indicates, is that the number of ply? Thanks for your help.:knitting:

There is no reason for it not to work but you will have to check the guge against any pattern that you use and adgust as necassary. Be aware that many sock patterns are written for a lighter weight yarn. trys Silver’s sock tutorial, it as direction in for a number of different weights of yarn

Socks from worsted weight yarn will be comfortable and warm but will probably not fit into your shoes.

4 may indicate the ply, but not as used in a ply weight system. It’s a worsted and would be fine for house socks/slippers, but will be too thick for wearing with shoes unless you have some roomy boots.

The “4” might also indicate the weight, since some companies use a numbering system, and 4 is generally used for worsted weight.

I have some worsted weight socks that i wear fairly regularly. But then i wear boots most of the time! People are right though, they are going to be a little thick/warm for regular shoes and things but are superb with boots (anythin from pretty knee boots to serious walking boots for me!), or wider fitting shoes (i have worn mine with some loosish mary jane style shoes) or if you are going hiking in the winter

I really appreciate everyone’s help.:hug: