Will this work?

I want to make a simple scarf in Malabrigo. Pretttttty color and mmmmm so soft.
I like ribbing so that’s where I want to begin. However, I don’t want the scarf to squish into a narrow length like a k2p2 ribbing tends to do. And I like how stockinette looks.
So, if I did a k5p1 ribbing with a k1 selvage on either side, would it work or would it curl into a pretty tube?

As always, much thanks for the help!

I think if you did the first and last stitches in garter stitch (knit them on both sides) it won’t curl quite as much. Just adding another k stitch at each end wouldn’t help.


Or try the scrunchable scarf!! It kind of looks like ribbing, lays completely flat, and looks great with Mmmmmm.

Thanks, Sue and Ingrid!
I did consider the scrunchable scarf, but wanted something that had more stockinette type of look, instead of just ribbing.

It’s for my husband who without knowing the names of any of the stitches, always comments on the knit side of any stockinette I make saying it “looks so neat” and that it “doesn’t have bumps”. :teehee:
I chose ribbing as a base to help prevent curl, and because I like knitting it. But I’m open to other patterns.

Appreciate any ideas you ladies and gents may have for me. Thanks!

http://blog.360.yahoo.com/blog-jpaAmzcyc6c0Nn_BA9rcAO9b?p=57 [color=indigo]Here’s a scarf pattern I made up. :happydance: It looks like a ribbed stockinette on the front. Try it out and see if it’s close enough to st st for you.[/color]