Will this stop rolling once it's felted?

I’m knitting this bag and the dark orange stripe is at the top. Eventually, I will fold the bag in half and seam along the sides. Will the felting process keep the top (the dark orange part) from rolling down?

Thanks in advance for your help!

[B]Update No one was answering and I was getting nervous about the rolling, so I checked the pattern and it mentioned blocking or ironing to keep the edges from rolling. I ironed the edges on the wool setting and it is now totally flat and perfect. :smiley: I’m still curious what effect felting would have on a rolled edge though, so if anyone knows, I’d just love to know also. :D[/B]

All of mine have straighten out after felting and I’ve done many.

thanks for doing the experimenting…I was waiting for an answer to! :wink: