Will this make much of a difference?

I’m knitting a pinwheel blanket with baby yarn on size 2 DPNs and I’m reaching the limit on my patience, as well as the limit on my needles. I don’t have a size 2 circular long enough for magic loop but I do have 2 size 2 circs of different lengths, so I thought I’d do it on 2 circs. However one is an Addi size 2 and the other is a cheapo size 2. The Addi is 3.0mm and the cheapo is 2.75mm. I can see a difference when I hold the ends up next to each other.
How big of a difference will it make when I knit half of the round on 2.75 and half on 3.0 until I’ve got enough stitches to get it all on one needle? I’d really rather not go buy another needle if I don’t have to, but I will if need be.

I don’t think it’ll make enough of a difference to see and the “knitting police” will never know cuz I’m not tellin! LOL!

It likely will be a minimal difference but for me personally it would make a difference and it would bug me …

Personally I wouldn’t use two different size needles. It’s too much work to find out that it really does make a difference in the end. :shrug:

If you rotate them and don’t use the same needle in the same spot all the time, it might not make a difference. When you knit all the sts off one needle, knit a bunch more onto the same right needle, then use the empty needle and do the same thing.

Thanks for the thoughts. I didn’t get the chance to get onto the two needles the other night, so this morning I got another cheapo size 2. I got off of the DPNs onto my 2 cheapos and the joins are TERRIBLE! I am hating it!

Tomorrow morning I will be near my LYS and will just go ahead and get a second Addi, probably a 40" or longer, then everything from that point on will be on the 3.0, instead of 2.75.

I should have known I’d end up buying another Addi. Horror of horrors. :teehee: