Will this look good using a larger needle?

I am about ready to knit the Ropes and Ladders scarf found here: http://pieknits.com/pattern2.html . I’m using the exact same yarn from the pattern but I would like a wider scarf. Do you think this pattern would look nice and be wider with a size 11 needle instead of a size 10? Will I need more yarn? I am usually a tight knitter, if that helps.


It might not make it much wider, possibly an inch. Try it on the larger needles for a couple inches, see what it measures. You could add more stitches, one on each end (2) for k3 instead of k2, and another 2 on the edges of the cabled panel for a total of 4 more. That and the larger needles might get you a couple inches. Play around with the pattern on scrap yarn, adding the extra stitches so you can take notes of what you should do with those in the cable panel.


Thanks, Sue!
I tried using a size 11 needle and added a stitch to both sides of the cable. It’s rather curly (needs to be blocked) so I can’t tell the exact width but it appears to be a tad over 6 inches wide. Just where I wanted it.

Thanks for giving me the confidence!!

And when you’ve been successful with this project, the next one will seem easier and before you know it, you’re only using a pattern as a basic guide and not for step-by-step instructions. Yay!! :cheering:


I’d just add five stitches or so on either side of the cable to make it wider. I don’t think using a larger needle will do it the way you want to do it, unless you’re using a wider yarn, as well. Otherwise, I’d just add the stitches, or another cable repeat or something.