Will this felt?


A good portion of it is mohair so maybe it will felt a little? I want to make a kittyPi bed out of it.

My best guesstimate is a definite maybe!!! The 30% acrylic puts me off, but it does say hand wash. The mohair might help with the felting, but also might make it look like a matted, pilly mess. I’d try a ball of it out first to see what the results are.

I would be concerned about the acrylic content…it might turn out looking old and mangy instead of nice and felted. That happened with a blend that I test-felted. :rollseyes:

Hmmm…since it will be a kitty bed maybe that might be to my advantage? I don’t know. I found 3 skeins of this purple Yukon at the good will for $1.99 and Iwas so psyched. Maybe I’ll just make a hat (non felted) out of it.

I wouldn’t risk it. :slight_smile:

Can you do a spit join with it? If it joins that way, it’ll probably felt, no?