Will this felt? Your opinions? need help FAST

Knitpick’s Gloss??? That’s the only wool sock yarn I have… 80%wool, 20% silk… I need something feltable FAST. Can you help???

yes, it will.

Seriously? Awesome! Thanks so much. I guess now I’ll very (extremely quickly) quickly knit up a test swatch and calculate how much. :muah: Thanks so much!!!

As with any wool, just check out the label. If it doesn’t indicate that it’s machine washable it will felt.

I happen to know first hand that it felts because I accidentally cut it when I was cutting the ties off of the hank in a place I wasn’t supposed to cut (what can I say? it was my first hank lol), so I tried the wet felt thingie, and it felted perfectly and I couldn’t even find where I felted the ends together!

Yeah trying a felted join would be a perfect test for that.

LOL Mason, I got the idea from you because I saw you posting about it when you were talking about joining the balls of yarn while making your sweater.