Will this decrease work on a hat (knit in the round)?

I’m looking for a decorative decrease for a hat worked in the round, and I’m wondering if the Yarn Over Decrease Left-Slant (shown in the Decrease section of KH) will work. If so, I would need to work it over 4 stitches, right? And the next round would be worked with the YO in the middle of the decreases–is that correct?

The YO will leave a hole, like lace, so that may not be what you want in a hat. If you do, yes it’s worked over 4 sts and the YOs would stack over each other.

Most hats are kX sts, k2tog all the way around. Usually you work a plain round between the dec rounds, then each dec round is one less knit st between k2togs. When you get down to aobut 3 or 4 sts between decs, then you’d do that on every round.

Thanks, Sue.

I’m looking for a holey decrease, so perhaps I can make this work.

Okay then, that should work out for you. But you’d still probably want a plain round between the dec rounds or it’ll be too short.

Great! I’ll give it a shot and see if one plain round between decreases is enough.

Thanks again.