Will this actually make a buttonhole?

Hello all. Im making this long cardigan type thing. Ive made my back and my left front now Im on the right front. To make a buttonhole the pattern says to slip 1, k2tog,yo, work to end of the row. Ive done this but it doesnt seem like this will make a buttonhole. Ive looked in my books and have made a buttonhole before and it wasnt made like that. Now that Im out of that row I dont see much of a buttonhole. When yarning over that means bring the yarn to the front right? Ive looked at pictures and I believe Ive done that part right. Just curious if tihs actually gonna leave me with any kind of hole.

I have always done buttonholes like that. It is just an basic yo eyelet hole, but stretches to allow button through, as long as button isn’t too big. try it with button, no bigger than about 16mm.

It does work, but the buttonholes are small.

I use this type of buttonhole on baby stuff.

If this style is too small for the buttons you have in mind (best to have intended buttons beforehand so you can gauge hole accordingly)…set cardi aside and do samples of buttonholes on a swatch til you’re happy with the look you want. Your button, its style, depth, width…whether it has shank or not, etc…will determine the hole size. Some holes need to be made more or less sturdy for amt of buttoning that may be done.

My fave buttonhole is the one-row method.


It makes an eyelet, a little hole. YTou will see it after knitting the next 1 or 2 rows. I have just done this and I promise you it makes holes. However if you prefer another type of buttonhole you should feel free to substitute it in (if it will work in the pattern).