Will these marks go away when washed?

I am knitting my first raglan sleeve sweater. The directions said to put stitches on scrap yarn when knitting the sleeves. However, after taking the scrap yarn out I can see marks left where it was holding these stitches. Will these become less apparent when washed or should I frog back and knit the whole thing over?

It’s likely that the marks will go away. The held stitches were presumably knit with the same size needle so the correct amount of yarn should be there. It’s just slipped down onto the scrap yarn. Washing or blocking will certainly help.
Is the sweater wool, acrylic, a blend?

It is a acrylic -I love this yarn by Hobby Lobby. I wanted to try the sweater on an inexpensive yarn first to see if I could do it. It is turning out well except I can see the marks where it had been on scrap yarn. This was sock yarn so it was actually smaller than what I am knitting with. It was put back on the needles correctly so it is not twisted stitches. I went ahead and did both sleeves instead of doing them last but I wouldn’t think that would make a difference.
Thank you so much for your reply. I think I will keep going and see what happens .

Ok, let us know how it turns out. I’ve done several sweaters this way and not had a problem after washing.

Thank you so much. I appreciate you answering.