Will There EVER Be a Sale for Denise Interchangable?

Okay, now Joann has the Boye’s for 41 bucks, and I can use the code for free shipping. Good buy, but after some time consuming research, I find that I would like the Denise better since I am not a big fan of metal’s. Here is what I want to know: will I ever have such luck that in the near future I can get a Denise set for half the price like around 25 bucks? If so, I will get a Boye set for the time being, and get the Denise when I find a real good sale. Otherwise, I would just have to pay some 49 dollars on eBay.

Any suggestions?

not unless you find someone trying to ditch theirs. Denise makes the retailers sell for roughly the same price…all around $45 or so.

Personally, I’d pay the full price for the denise anytime. I have the denise set and I absolutely :heart: it. I put something on the needles almost the second after they arrived and it was like putting on a pair of calf leather made to measure shoes. I also got my denise from ebay - Coppermoose was the seller - someone here recommended them and I have to say they were super impressive with very fast international delivery.

I’m still waiting on my boyes. Got from ebay for $30 but the seller is just not responding to me. I expect 7 day delivery maximum to the UK using USPS (I mean come on - it IS air mail and how many flights a day go from florida to London?) but it’s been 16 days already. Everytime I order stuff on ebay from other US sellers, offering the SAME postage cost and from remoter places than Florida, it takes around 4 days max. 7 Days if you have bad weather there with snow. They have till Monday to reply to my emails or I start the Paypal investigation.

Hm, very valuable info here.

mulene: sorry to hear that your seller is not respondinng. Maybe she/he saw all the high prices listed now, by the way, all the Boyes I saw on eBay now are over 45 bucks with free shipping, no bargain, if she/he doesn’t want to sell, then the only thing you can do is leaving them a bad feedback. However, let’s hope you still will get them.

Yep Sky… odd though they have 100% feedback which I would be reluctant to sully. I’d just like a reply to the email with the USPS tracking number in it, at least then I can track the package. The one good thing about paying via paypal, is that I CAN get a refund if the seller absolutely refuses to respond.

I have only ever had to take that action once before in around 5 years of using ebay. Of course I took the action, and then 4 days later (and postmarked for the 4 days before), the package arrived. The seller hastily shoved it in the mail to me as soon as they realised I wasn’t just going to sit back and take the loss! :happydance:

I would pay full price for another denise set. Does your LYS ever do “get 10 bucks off when you spend 50” type promotions??

Hey isn’t Amy selling Denise here now with rainbow colours? Or is that still to come? =D


I am still waiting on that. She’d better put it up soon or I’ll end up buying a set from eBay, and still buy her set :thinking: - I am a sucker and stacker for good stuffs :wink:

Speaking of eBay selling, a friend of mine sold an old walkman to UK, and she sent it our already, but somehow the package never arrived. A month later, she had to give back the money to the seller although she never saw her walkman again. :?? Since your seller has 100% positive feedback, there might be a logical reason why they don’t respond. Good luck.

I’ve had that happen too, when things didn’t show up =( I didn’t get or ask for refunds though because I know that sometimes things like that happen. Our postal service is terrible - there was a programe about that recently about how many postal workers are casual and they open and steal items from the post. They did an undercover investigation thing with hidden cameras, it was quite a shock.

Since the last time I lost something I always pay the extra for tracked packages. I was thinking maybe the seller is on vacation or something. I’m not desperate for the Boye’s since I have the lovely Denise :wink: but a reply would be nice!

As for the rainbow set… I know I’d be seriously tempted to get that as well as the set of Denise I already have :roflhard:

I would just pay the full price for the Denise set. they are really worth the money. And I think it’s a family owned business. If you bought all those needles separately, you’d pay a lot more. You aren’t likely to find the Denise’s for less than forty. The Boye’s are going to be forty anyway. So you’d end up paying twice as much and you’ll like the Denise’s better than the Boye’s, so save yourself the money and get the Denise’s instead of the Boye’s.

fingers in ears La la la la I can’t heeeeeeaaaaaar you.

Brendajo is right…all denise retailers are supposed to sell their sets for 49.95. They have had a lot of trouble with retailers severely undercutting each other and some “bandits” on ebay.

However, that doesn’t prevent you from finding a retailer that sells them and using whatever coupon they may have available. I can tell you for sure though that you won’t find them for $25 unless you are buying them used or from someone who needs to get rid of them. I don’t now who that would be though! I can’t imagine someone not being in :heart: :heart: :heart: with them!

I just ordered mine from Kemp’s store. The husband guy is building a new woodworking shop-it’s HUGE! Soooooooo, I thought…

DH paid about $80 {CAD} for my Denise’s from Ram’s and they are worth every penny. He’s commented quite a few times that if he knew how much I enjoyed them, he would have bought them for me a long time ago… I wonder how I can convince him I need to order a rainbow set from the US? :thinking: [size=2]hoping Amy’s gonna accept PayPal ;)[/size]

[color=blue]I just found this on E-bay for anyone that is interested :cheering:

southern maine[/color]

Stonington: Thanks for the link. It does look nice. The thing with Ebay is most of the time they are bit up to at least the retail price.

Update for my Denise shopping: I ordered a set from kemp’s store once I found out they carried it. I can’t wait !