Will the Andalusian stitch pattern curl edges?

Hello – I would like to knit a throw for my sofa, and I think the Anadalusian pattern would be a nice one to use. I will be knitting flat on circular needles. The Andalusian stitch pattern I found uses four rows : knit first row; purl second row; knit 1, purl 1 (repeat until last stitch which is knit); purl fourth row.

Does anyone know if this pattern would curl the edges?

Thank you

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The Andalusian stitch pattern is basically stockinette except for row 3) and I’ll bet it’s going to curl. You can test it out on a small swatch. Knowing this however you can add a deep border in seed or garter stitch which will certainly help counteract a bit of the curl.
It’s a pretty pattern and the throw sounds like a lovely idea.

Love the idea of a temperature blanket