Will someone come rip this out for me?

I can’t bring myself to do it. :frowning: I worked yesterday and today on the back of my hoodie, and it looks great, and is coming along fine. THEN I decide to take a gauge reading and it is 3/4 of an inch over gauge. If it were under I would just have it be bigger, but since it is over it woudl be too small. (not that I don’t need to lose weight…but I would like it to fit.)

So…who lives close enough to come rip it out while I sit in the fetal position in the corner and cry?

Oh, I can’t even imagine that! I have ripped out my scarf 4 or 5 times and even THAT makes me cry!!

Sorry this happened to you :cry:

I could cry for you :cry: I have ripped out more than i have knitted i think.

I’m with you YarnMommy. I just knit half the back of a baby sweater tonight, and am realizing I need to start over. Doh!

Hopefully we’ll get it right the second time around, eh?

Just do it quickly and start knitting again right away. I’ll do it with you. Ready? Set? …Rip!


Thank you, thank you, thank you for letting me know I am not the only one who finds out I have to rip out hours of work. And risk losing stitches and other messes.

Take heart - can you take some measurements of some finished part, or do some math and figure out if it really won’t fit? My gauge was right on, but the sweater came out huge. I even knitted to two sizes smaller than I wear, with the correct gauge, and the sweater came out huge!

There is a section in the book Knitting Without Tears that gives advice on what to do if your garment is too small…

Sorry this happened :cry: , and I hope it works out.


Unfortunately it would definitely be too small. I think I may take it to knitting group on Thursday night and ask someone to rip it out there, and in the meantime do dh’s socks since those won’t take long.

I’m mostly worried about becoming disenchanted with the project, since that happened with the tank top. I have been plotting with my FIL some cool golf club covers, and find I am starting to get “into” it.

Amy, I think you may have a good idea your “rip and start stitchin’” policy. I may have to do that just so I don’t move on.

I definitely feel the love guys. :slight_smile:

How frustrating! I too feel your pain. hugs

I’m lost though … how would having 3/4 of an inch over gauge make it too small?? I’m thinking that being over guage would make it bigger while under-guaging would make it smaller. I’m confused … :oops: