Will my idea even work?

I’m really new to knitting and last night I bought a cable needle on clearance. Its a size 7 29" . I was wondering if I could use this with only a garter stitch to make an afgan. If its not wide enough, I could crochet a couple pieces together maybe?? :thinking:

I was thinking if I made 2 say 5 foot long pieces and crochet them together in the middle It would work in theory ( I think). Is that correct??? :??

Just for terminology’s sake, what you have is a circular needle. A cable needle is a short needle used to hold stitches to make cable in knitting. Not a big deal. Anyway, knitting large objects back and forth on circular needles is extremely common. Sometimes the number of stitches just don’t fit across a regular straight needle.

So you’re idea is exactly the way to make something that big. Good luck with it!

You don’t have to knit it in two pieces. You should be able to fit all the stitches on a 29" needle, and knit the entire width at one time.

yep, you’ll be suprised! One of the first things I knit was a baby blanket using a circular needle to knit back and forth. I was mainly looking to practice, so I wasn’t too concerned with gauge. It ended up about 4x longer than I indended ! :shock: