Will my 24" circulars work?

Hello! I’m excited that I’m starting my first baby blanket. It’s for Christmas. I’m using the Lion diagonal baby blanket pattern:


My size 11s are 24" circular. They measure 24" from tip to tip, including the needles themselves. I made a scarf with them. Will they be too short to make the 36" blanket? The wonderful lady who taught me to knit has moved away and I haven’t found anyone near me to help me yet, so I’m thankful for a forum like this one. This is a super amazing site!

I know 36" is longer than 24" obviously, but I’m asking because I don’t know if it doable or okay to fit 36" on, or must I buy new needles.


Oh brother. I can’t read my needles. Nevermind. I see 8mm is the same as #11, so I have 32" ones that’ll work.

Sorry. Oh dear.

Glad you got it worked out!

I know it. I spent half an hour fussing before I posted my question, then five minutes later I find my own answer. lol!:aww:

Next time you need to use the needles that are 24" - yes, they’d work too on something that’s 36" wide.

Sueezq: Did you realize this is a diagonal pattern? At it’s widest, it will have 126 sts which should measure out to about 56". Do you think this will still fit? I’m not that experienced with knitted blankets, so I just don’t know.

A circ can hold about 2-3 times it’s length, so while it may be a tight fit on 24", it would still hold them. The sts squish up far more on a circular cord than they do on a straight needle.