Will it work to stagger hat decreases?

I have 14 staggered diamonds. 14 wedges can work out to 1 decrease each row of diamonds. So the decrease rounds could look like this.

I have no idea what it will look like, I cannot figure out how to color chart decreases.

Or if I go 7 decreases (which I feel safer doing than 14 since I usually do 6) I can time it so the diamonds above where I start will not be there according to blanking out decreased squares on the chart.
I think that’s what I’ll do, never mind :smile:

You sometimes see staggered decs as the pattern is maintained. You can use “no stitch” blocks after the decs if that helps you see the pattern. Then you may get to a place where the decs are so often that you completely lose the pattern or it changes to something very different. Interesting!

Thanks. Now I know for next time. I want to start doing more color worked double knit.
This is what I came up with to see what it would do to the pattern, I guess that’s “no stitch”. I’ve never used other people’s color charts, only cable pattern charts. And my own colorwork was on non-decreased square panels.

I like it. Such a fascinating pattern.