Will it REALLY show?

I am knitting the Heirloom Purse out of the latest Rown magazine, and am having a bit of a problem using this 4 ply. It is knit on size 3 needles with fingering weight yarn, and I am getting a little disparity in the stitches. Not often, but every once in a while 3 stitches will be a little “pulled”. I knit socks in cotton fingering weight all the time, and never have a problem with tension or anything.

Anyhow, I am lining the bag so there won’t be any pull on the stitches…do you think it would block out?

Hi YarnMommy!

I don’t know, but I’m curious if it will block out! It’s in cotton you say? Let us know how it goes!

:slight_smile: Amy