Will it fit on a straight needle?

How do you know what length/kind of needle to use [not gauge, gauge is fine].
Making my first child vest after finishing some small things. 76 stitches for cast on, 4 stitches/inch… Will this fit on a 12" or 13" straight needle?
[I know I will try it anyway, but would like to know I have the supplies to start and keep going]
When making a bigger sweater or afgahn what length needles are used?


76 stiches should fit on a straight needle.

Circular needles can be used to knit anything that straight needles are used for–just knitting back and forth rather than in the round. I think this is why so many of us only use circs for everything from kids’ sweaters to afghans.

Something to consider when buying a needle size that you don’t have.

Thank you!!!