Will I achieve my 2008 Knitting Goal?

Oh my! My first socks will be those EZ socks that Amy showed in General Knitting. These socks!

I clicked through the link and added the book (The Knitter’s Almanac) to my shopping cart, and will finish the order when we get back from the wilderness on Oct 19. Rainy Season. Don’t want the book to sit on the porch in the rain til the housesitter gets home.

Click the link in Amy’s post. She gets credit for the click through and a little kick-back when we do it that way!
The Knitter’s Almanac. We definitely wanna help our new little mother!

Bumping this because I discovered another pro to toe up socks. When constructing the heel, there is no need to pick up stitches.

I have done magic loop one at a time cuff down socks,magic loop 2 at a time toe up socks and one sock on 2 circs, I prefer the cuff down method with the slip stitch heel flap because they are the socks they are outlasting the others there are different ways to do heels that I have not learned yet I am sure
but this is the one I will stick to for now.

I used this Chevrolace pattern from Knitty to make my toe up heel. I don’t know what kind it is, but I love how it all works out and there’s really no chance of having holes (believe me, if there were a chance of having holes, they’d be showing in my socks right now).

They are beautiful socks! Thanks so much for the link! :thumbsup: