Will blocking make a sweater bigger?

hi there,

i’ve read a lot of threads about using blocking to make sweaters that are too big smaller, but i’m wondering about blocking a sweater to make it bigger (i haven’t sewn it together yet). the arms of the sweater are long enough, but a bit tight (they need to be wider, i guess). the front and back also turned out a bit tight and a bit short. is it possible to stretch them out and down during blocking? it’s made of 85% wool, 15% mohair.

i am an extremely lazy knitter (this sweater is 3 years in the making), but more importantly i’m out of wool (in fact, i suspect i don’t even have enough for the seams, sigh) so cutting and knitting more is out of the question…

It may grow somewhat larger during blocking, it depends how much bigger you need it to be. With the sleeves, be careful - when you pull to block wider, the length may shorten so you would have to block both directions.