Wildest Knitting Dreams

:sun: What what would be a knitting dream come true?

To create my How-To dvd’s and sell them through my Aunt Dot website. Planning on giving How-to-Knit, How-to-Crochet and How-to-Tat away… then offer for sale dvd’s that walk you through specific projects, start to finish. Knit a pair of slippers? Aunt Dot’ll show you how! And there’ll be an added surprise bonus in every dvd.

Dream… dream… I’ve got my logo, am currently cross-stitching in the colors. And my theme song - now just have to record me playing it on fiddle, then on harp. And the program to record and edit my dvd’s… but need to buy an external dvd-burner.

Then to get my website ready for hoards of eager visitors! I’m going to post free monthly articles about knitting, crocheting or tatting. And have a blog. And-and-and!

Dream… dream… dream.


I dream of finding an ad in the HelpWanteds calling for a knitter–lots of loot and full benefits.:heart:


I would so be interested in purchasing project-specific DVDs. I went to your website and saw that you have a free DVD for crochet - which I am dying to learn! I tried to click on the links that ask you to click on them, but there is no actual link there… :waah:

That would be awesome… except being the rebel that I am, I would probably HATE it if I HAD to do it.

Being a professional knitter would be my absolute wildest knitting dream come true. Probably not even my wildest knitting dream, but actually my wildest dream!

Unlimited yarn is a very, very close second :slight_smile:

I was going to click on owning yarn store, but just closed down a retail business a couple of years ago because of the hours involved and strain on me physically. I now have abundant free time to do what I want which is to play with my girlfriends and go out with hubby from time to time. Why would I want to tie myself back to a fulltime work schedule. Lifetime supply of yarn would allow me to continue to enjoy life as I want.

Yes, I’ve yet to get them up and going. I’m working like the dickens to get my first How-To-Knit dvd even recorded. My website is very much a work-in-progress at this point.

Within the year, I devoutly hope…

Believe me, I’ve pretty much boggled my brain trying to get a DVD test printed… poor quality, so far. And I need to get better footage for a distributable DVD.

All in due time. Ordered an external DVD-burner today, so should be able to get moving really soon.

Thanks for your interest!

Seriously? Sit me down with some yarn, some needles, and a book on ipod. I won’t even remember that anyone else is on the planet. HMMM… does that mean that my knitting dream is to forget everyone else on the planet?? ah, no… who would I knit for then?

My sentiments exactly! That’s completely how I feel :slight_smile:

This is why I keep saying that knitting keeps me sane… :knitting:

To be honest, I’ve probably already got a lifetime’s supply of yarn, so owning a yarn shop would mean a) being surrounded by woolly loveliness, and b)not feeling guilty about it! Only problem would be that it would probably have to be wrestled out of my grasp when people tried to buy it!

I chose the one about designing and knitting for a living because I’m math challenged (an actual form of dyslexia) and would LOVE to understand how to design my own stuff, or just figure out problems when I come to them.

Dot, if you do a DVD for THAT, let me know.

My dream is not on that list. I just want to be able to knit more than a row or two before a little one either tries to take the knitting or needs me to get up and do something for them. Not that I am wishing my children’s lives away, but I cannot wait until they are a little older.

…I’d knit for [B]ME[/B] finally! I’d knit myself a CPH and perhaps a tank top or two, or maybe I’d knit myself two CPH’s, one to go with bluejeans and one RED one! Now if I had an endless lifetime supply of yarn, I could do that, I could actually make two CPH’s… wow! I could knit any pair of socks I wanted to. I could… well I could knit whatever I wanted to knit! Imagine the possibilities… cloud9

I put ‘to compete all my WIPs’ because I suppose that’s the closest…I just want to learn and get better and be brave enough to try new things.

Ohhh…I thought this was a topic about dreams we’ve had about knitting, in which case I was going to tell you about the dream I had after the last Obama/Clinton debate where they both had to do armhole shaping in purl and the country decided whose was better. I’m not even kidding, lol. :stuck_out_tongue:


I want to own a yarn store. We don’t have one in town and there is a great location downtown…hardwood floors and it was once an upscale boutique, so it already has several little “nooks” in the walls. They used it to hang clothes, but I can see how with a little shelfing, they would make beautiful yarn cubbies.


And my dh has a degree in advertising…and a head for business. He could do my books, I could run the store…the hours downtown are pretty low key…just 9 am to 5 pm each day. Wouldn’t that be glorious?!