"Wild" kitten update for those of you who remember

We still have the little snot and I am having one heck of a time trying to figure out her name. I tried Socks but is just does not seem to fit her although it does look like she has a pair on. Her personality is really starting to come out, when she comes out every morning she is running around so much that I will see her panting for a couple of minutes. She is also starting to come to me on her own quite a bit, and not running away when I come to her, she also likes to lay down on the slate in the entryway. And she is a cheap kitten so far, one of her favorite toys is a crumpled up piece of paper!

I still have her in the small dog kennel as this house is rented and she likes to climb the door jams. That and my 20 month old would LOVE to “pet” her!

She has also discovered that she does not like the squirt bottle. Sometimes when one or both of my daughters walk into the room, she will do that jumping sideways with her hair standing up and one of the girls laughs and the other one is not sure if she should scream or laugh! So when she does that, she ends up quite wet.

Oh, here she is now

So cute - and she looks just like me!

She looks just like my neighbor’s cat Snickers! Too cute!

she is sooooo pretty.
I think you should name her snape. or severin.

She looks a lot like my kitty too! She adopted us when she was 2 or3 years old. She’s 5 or 6 now and she’s still a hyper monkey. Her name is Plumpy.

What a cutie!! She looks like she thinks she’s the shiz! My brother had a black cat that got that same look one her face. Her name was Sheba… as in the queen of… 'cause she thought she was all that.

Awwww what a cute kitty! What about calling her Boots…or better yet Mukluk! :teehee:

I like Mukluk Jan! I am just not sure if it fits as a name for a cat? I had a real pair years and years ago (maybe 25-30:oops:), I remember feeling the fur and wondering about it. I wonder where they are?

I am still in a quandry about the the name thing. Our dog and senior citizen kitty are named Calvin and Hobbes respectively and their names do fit them. I think I assumed her name would just pop out at me like a epiphany.:shrug:

why not Loca? crazy female in spanish:roflhard: