Width vs Length

Hi I am new to knitting and was encouraged by 2 friends of mine to start
I started a pattern called Easy knit blanket sweater on mama in a stitch website. The pattern ask for 73 cast on stitches, this amount I believe is for a small frame person. I put 93 stitches on. I have now knitted the suggest length of 29”. But I guess that is for the 73 stitches. It doesn’t look right with 93 stitches. How to I figure out how many more inches to add in length for the 93 stitches.

Welcome to KH!

The pattern gives the length from end of arm or wrist to end of arm of 40.5 inches. Measure that length for you and knit that length measurement from cast on to cast off.
The measurement from neck to bottom of the sweater is determined by the number of cast on sts. The designer notes that the sweater will stretch. For 73sts cast on at a gauge of slightly less that 2sts/inch that measurement is 34 inches. For 93sts cast on, the same gauge will give roughly 45 inches. This depends on your gauge with your yarn and needles.

Thank your so much for your help. I am not sure how u figured it out but I happy u did. I want to do this and then surprise my friends with my accomplishment!

That’ll be wonderful!
The notes for finishing are very helpful.