Wider cables

I’m taking a break from knitting blankets and am going to knit the Botanical Yoke sweater by Purl Soho for the third time. Made one for mum which I was happy with and one for me which I wasn’t entirely happy with and I recall that I struggled with the wide cable sections (a C24F, C24B, C16F and C16B). I saw the video about knitting 5 together and wondered if there was anything like this for extra wide cable patterns.

There are several comments from knitters on the project page about the difficulty of working these cables. You’re not alone in finding them tight and a struggle.

I’ve had similar problems with wide cables and I tend to be a loose knitter. Do you knit the sts off the cable needle or place them back onto the left hand needle? I wonder if knitting them right off the cable needle is any easier.

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Last time I knitted this (for my mum) I used a spare circular needle as my cable needle and knitted the held stitches from that. I think actually, casting my mind back, I may have also tried putting the held stitches back on the left hand needle but seem to recall that may have been harder. The end result is beautiful, in fact somebody asked mum where she had bought it, but yes it is a bit of a struggle.

There may well be a trick out there but if there is I can’t find it. I love this sweater too but haven’t made it yet.

I wonder if putting more yarn into the sts which will end up under the cable would help? I think a yarn over before a couple of them would be too much but maybe just a looser stitch on the previous row? Maybe worth trying on a swatch.

Thanks anyway. I will just persevere. At least with it being the third time I’ve knitted it I know to expect a struggle! :slightly_smiling_face:

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A while ago there was a useful discussion about ways to manage very wide cables on Ravelry.

If you are a Ravelry member, you can search forum discussions for “wide cables kushami” (kushami is my user name – I asked a few questions in the discussion).

I no longer use Ravelry so unfortunately can’t give you a link.


That’s great, thank you. I’ve taken screen shots of the appropriate posts and will give that a try :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh good – it’s a gorgeous jumper and I am impressed that you are making multiples!

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