wider as i get further

as I am knitting y am I getting wider as I get further along

Are you accidentally increasing? It can happen if you bring the yarn over the needle when switching between knit and purl stitches or at the end of a row.

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It may also be that you’re pulling up on the working yarn at the beginning of a row. If you pull the yarn strand up and over the needle to the back, the first stitch will look like 2 sts. Make sure to let the working strand hang down and then take it to the back below the left needle. That way the first stitch is clearly a single stitch and you can knit it with confidence.
it may also help to count sts when you finish a row to make sure you catch a mistake as soon as possible. A marker one or two sts from the ends is a good reminder of how many sts there should be at the ends.