Wide Neck Problem

I am knitting a baby sweater and the neck is suppose to be 106 stitches but the waist is only 92. The neck is HUGE! Is there any way to fix this? It just doesn’t look right.
It also says to graft the underarm seams. I’ve never done that before so any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

Babies have huge heads compared to the rest of their body, so it may not be so far off. How is the neckline - open with a placket or folds over in some way?

Grafting can be done either with a 3 needle bind off or by kitchener stitch.

There are 4 rounds of K1,P1 rib and then 8 rounds of K.
Is there a video on the grafting or kitchner?

Here is the link for kitchener under “seaming.”

Did you pick up stitches for the neck or what? Is it made top down or bottom up? Cardigan or pull over?

Yeah, which pattern is it?

Thanks for the link.

It was a bottom up pull over. I did have to pick up stitches.

The pattern is a in a Coats & Clark / Red Heart pattern booklet. Number 0729-4K.

So did they tell you to pick up 106 stitches? I usually don’t pay much attention to what they tell me to pick up any more. :slight_smile: Did you use a needle 2 sizes smaller than the one you used for the sweater? Usually you do on neck bands. And I would do it here.

I would try picking up around the neck opening 3 stitches and then skip one on all parts that are vertical or diagonal. So go 1,2,3 skip all along those parts. If you are on an area that is going right along existing stitches, like right in the back neck and possibly in the front, try picking up one stitch in each stitch. After you get stitches picked up all around (make sure you have an even number so you can do the ribbing correctly in the round, which I assume you are doing), I’d do the ribbing and then assess it again. Is it big enough for a baby’s head? Is it small enough to stay on, and look reasonable? If so continue with the stockinnette stitch so that it will have the rolled edge. If not take it out and make more adjustments.

If it is still too big you could try skipping some of the stitches in the straight section where I said to pick up one for one. If it is too small maybe something like pick up 4 and skip one would work. Esperiment until you get a good result. Patterns aren’t always right, or we don’t always execute them the way the designer did. Most yarns will allow you to take it out and do it over until you get something that works.

Another thing to remember is that the ribbing and even the rolled edge with go up a bit more and make the neck opening not seem so big. Good luck.

I did use a needle two sizes smaller. I had 74 stitches on the needle and then I had to pick up 10, K12 from a stitch holder and pick up 10 more. I will try skipping some of the stitches. I’m going on vacation next week so I’m hoping to have plenty of time to play around with it.
Thanks for the help!