Wide brim hat pattern to felt

I want to start my first felting project and I have decided that I want to make a wide brim hat…does anyone have a good pattern to suggest, that has worked well for them.

The first hat I did was a cloche style hat; it was really easy, and felted great! I got the pattern from my LYS, so I can’t share it (without feeling guilty) but I am sure that you can find a free pattern online. Good luck!

there are some really good knitting felted hats on about knitting com. I have made a couple hats and they are really easy I have made hats in one day so you can do it GOOD LUCK

Hm Louine, you got me wanting to make a wide brim hat now too.
I have to keep the sun off my face and this sounds perfect, I would want cotton though so, not felted.

Someone posted a pic here recently, maybe it’s in finished projects.

Did you find a pattern? I didn’t find any great ones doing a search just now.

Would any of these work?



Or am I misunderstanding what you mean by wide brimmed?

I saw a picture of one that sounds like it’s just what you’re looking for. It’s felted with a wide (floppy) brim. I saw it on someone’s knitting blog. She includes the patterns for most of the projects she shows, but didn’t on that particular one. I’m thinking that if you do like her hat, you might consider writing her and asking for either the pattern, or the source to purchase it if it’s copyrighted.

When you click onto the link, scroll about 2/3’s of the way down the page. You’ll see a pretty blonde lady modeling the completed hat. She also has pre-felted pictures of it.

Oh, I nearly forgot the link! :thumbsup:

Rennagayle… I really like that hat. Of course it’s the only one without a pattern. MasacaraS, those are nice hats but they look like they’re for Winter. I like the other hat with the floppy brim coz I think I could do it in cotton for summer.

This should be easier.

Think I’ll post on that girl’s website re the hat & pattern… she puts it down a lot but it looks good.

whoops, forget that, she hasn’t been around on her site since 2003.

Well, maybe that bag’s not so different than the other felted hats, just make the brim bigger.

Sorry, I didn’t even look at the dates on her site. :crying: I ran across a wide, floppy brimmed cotton hat earlier today, but I dismissed it because it was cotton and not feltable. I totally didn’t even see what you’d said, Victoise, about wanting one out of cotton. :oops: Maybe I can find it again. I’ll look later, and let you know if I find it.

hey Renna… I would appreciate that!

Well, drat, Victoise. I looked everywhere I thought I’d been (online, that is) last night, but I couldn’t find the hat I remembered seeing. I have a vivid picture of it in my head, too, but could not locate where it was online. :mad:

hey thanks for looking Renna! I know what you mean… I wanted to show someone else these incredible baby diaper cover thingys that this woman sells for $65 but I couldn’t find the site anywhere.

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