Widdershins--Finally FO!

Alrighty these gosh darned socks are finally done.
Two at a time, toe up, from the Knitty pattern.
This is my second ever pair of socks and I think they came out alright. You can’t really tell from the pics but the detail on the cables is really nice in this yarn (LionBran MicroSpun).

These pictures are pre-blocking. I just wet them and laid them out my blocking surface to dry. I’m a little worried that the wet-blocking is gonna mush the cables though. Whaddaya all think? I mean on the one hand…these are going to my cousin as a gift and they’ll likely go through a million washer/dryer cycles…so if a little water is gonna destroy the cables I might as well get it over with. On the other, I’d like them to at least be pretty when I give them to her.

So…will my cables get icky? How can I fix them?

Oh! and just for fun I included a pic of a little kitty I knit the other night. Found the pattern here somewhere.

So cute! I love the color, too. :slight_smile:

The socks look great!

I’m pretty proud of myself. :happydance:
And for all my griping over in the General thread about MicroSpun and it’s splittiness, the color really is lush and wonderful.

way to go! I’m sure your cousin will :heart: them!

IMHO those cables will never get ickey
ythey are TOO pretty to ever truely get ickey
to people who have NO CLUE they might appear ickey
but they are TOO lovely to actually get ickey