WICK socks

I finally figured out what to make with the yarn my SP sent me. THANK YOU SP!!!

SOCKS!! And my first pair to boot!

Oooh I love that colorway. I just ordered some in cream for the short snort.

Beautiful work!! Love those colors! Your SP is awesome!! :thumbsup:

I LOVE, LOVE Wick yarn and I think it will be great for socks, too! :thumbsup:

Those are a beautiful color! :inlove:

I can almost see how great that yarn must feel!

Great start on the socks!

YUM…that yarn is gorgeous :inlove: the socks look awesome too :slight_smile:

Yummy! reminds me of neopolitan ice cream! :thumbsup:

nice colors!

Looks great so far - congratulations on your first socks!

rockon wich yo bad self


One done!

As you can see… my toe seam could be so much better… but I’m very happy with the finished product. My DD loves this sock!

What a pretty sock, Becky! I love those colors! Washing often takes care of little things like the toe.

Very pretty! I love that color :thumbsup: