Wich yarn to use for slippers?

Hi, I am a true newbee…I have knitted washclothes and recently my grandmother passed away and left me with her slipper pattern. I am excited to carry on the tradition on holiday slippers, but I need a bit of direction. First, what would be a good yarn? She used regular yarn (the stuff there is most of :slight_smile: ) But, mentions in her pattern to double the yarn so that they are thicker and warmer. Is there a yarn that I would not need to knit two strands at a time? Thanks for your help.


There really isn’t any yarn that could be considered regular yarn. :wink: Do you mean inexpensive acrylic like you get in craft stores? Anyway, you can probably use a chunky or bulky yarn in place of two strands of worsted. :thumbsup: Lion Brand makes some I know.

I’m gonna go ahead and guess she means worsted weight since it’s the most common.

Ahh…probably good guess, Meow. :wink:

Well, we still need to know whether you want wool, acrylic or what?

i just finished makeing a sweater for my baby … i used wool ease thick and quick… its a #6 yarn witch is very bulky so i dont think you would have to double up for your pattern… they have a ton of colors to choose from and its very soft … might want to put something on the bottom for traction if the person you are giving em too has hard wood or some other slippery type of floors …