Why would gauge be on a different needle size than the sweater's body?

Hi everyone! Pattern-deciphering gauge-related question here, would so so appreciate any insight.

I just bought the pattern “Virginia,” a sweater by Helga Isager, and got all of the yarn, and am so excited to get started. I did my due diligence making a swatch and found my gauge was significantly off, so I went about trying to do the math to see if knitting a size up would work, only to notice that the pattern has the body of the sweater knitted on size 7 needles but has the gauge for size 6 needles. Size 6 needles are used nowhere in the pattern except for the gauge and in the directions provided for making a swatch. What is this about?! Does anyone have an explanation as to why a pattern would do this?

Thank you so much to anyone who took the time to read!


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I’ve made a lot of sweaters and I have to admit this is a first. I would check the measurement for the chest against the number of sts at that point and see what the gauge calculates to be.
There aren’t any helpful notes in the Ravelry projects. You might try leaving a comment or sending a message directly to the designer.
Love the sweater. No wonder you are excited to begin.

A bit puzzling, indeed.

Is the gauge pattern stocking stitch and the sweater itself something else?

Does the pattern tell you anywhere what the gauge of the body is supposed to be?