Why won't my knitting unravel?

I knitted a sock, finished it, binded it off etc. then noticed that a mistake I thought I fixed was still messed up. So I decided to unravel it down to the mistake. I’ve unraveled it one stitch at a time for several rows and I can’t figure out why I can’t just pull it out. Can someone explain this to me? I thought I’d be able to just puul it all out rather quickly!

Cyndee:?? :??

You have to unfasten the last stitch you bound off and make sure the yarn end isn’t pulled through one of the sts. That’s if you knit toe up and bound off the cuff. If you started it cuff down, it won’t unravel that way through the ribbing. So if your mistake is in the ribbing or in the foot, you’ll have to cut a stitch where the ribbing changed to stockinette and you can unravel the plain part okay, but the ribbing will have to be unraveled to the cast on and then you can reknit it.

Thank you so much! I’m still kind of new to knitting & I appreciate the.