Why Why Why

:shrug: Why do I do it. I need more yarn like I need a hole in my head. I have like five projects on the go and I went to Walmart today and picked up even more yarn. I saw this purple soft stuff and I instantly thought of my sis and making her a blanket or something so I bought it. I hid it as soon as I got home on my husband though. He complains about how much I spend on yarn. :pout:

You won’t get help here! We’re only enablers!

I do this too–I only buy yarn with specific projects in mind, but I’ve got many projects in the works–truly enough to keep me busy for a LONG time!!! Now you were buying some pretty yarn to make your sister something, so how guilty can you really feel? It is something nice you’re doing for somebody else, right?

All addicts ask themselves the same thing.


We sure do! Now, if you want help deciding what yarn to buy, we’re here for you there, but we can’t help you stop buying yarn. Notice my signature, and you’ll get my drift!

why do all we women hide the yarn when we get home. i do the exact same :?? :roflhard: :rofl: thing. we all deserve it

I don’t hide my yarn from my hubby… but then I’m single. I do hide it from my cat… does that count?

I just ordered yarn that I thought might be what would look good for a project that is for next winter, lol

It’s an addiction I don’t want the cure of!

Bear hugs!

I guess I shouldn’t feel guilty I spend less on yarn in a yeaar than my hubby does on Cigars. And it is to make something for my sister. One of these days I gotta make myself something instead of for everyone else all the time.

I’ve already tried it… they enabled me too! :teehee:

Why ask why? That’s just the way it is for us. Unfortunately non-knitters just can’t understand, but we’re here with you. We understand you :hug: and we all know that you can never have too much yarn. :fingerwag: :teehee:

If you want to gain control of your stash you could become a “Stashie” It’s helped me. When you finish something from your stash you can then go out and buy some more yarn. I’ve finished 2 projects so I’ve got some yarn buying coming to me :happydance: :happydance:

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

Nadja: That’s why I want to marry somebody that knits! If I did, we would be flat broke, from spending all our money on yarn!

:?? You want to be broke? or did u me to say thats why you don’t want to marry someone who knits?


That’s kinda why I DON’T want to marry someone that knits!