Why We Need More Sets of Hands

I am at the tail end of knitting a baby afghan for my sister who is due this weekend, when I have several other things going on in the background. All of which require me to put my knitting down.

I sat today, on the phone for one rant after another because of the botched plans for my surgery, all the blame of which was laid at the surgeons office door for the way the outright LIED to me about what was required before I had my surgery done, so that three days pre-op I’ve had to cancel the surgery to have a lot of stuff done beforehand. So, while I waited on hold while the office manager tried to find the idiots to blame for not getting these things done last week, I imagined myself as a Hindu goddess with many arms so that I could get all my knitting, housework, translation, blog and book done so that everyone will be happy and I will be less harried. I worked less when I worked than now in my enforced “retirement”.

If I could delegate any one thing I would. However, the housework is shared and I need to do my part. The rest is entirely my enchilada. But it looks like nothing will be done on my project list for quite a while after this afghan is finished… unless I use my sleepless hours spent catching up on my reading and Tivo… perhaps…

Sorry about the delay on your surgery. Sounds frustrating. Hope it gets worked out soon.