Why should I learn to knit socks on circs?

I am in the process of knitting my 2nd official sock on dpn’s. I enjoy it and it is coming out really well. I am thinking of buying some Addi’s and learning on circs but I have some reservations. Everytime I have tried knitting on 2 circs I end up with ladders and gaps where I switch to the other needles. I have only used my Denise circs and I believe that cable is larger than on the Addi’s. Is this correct and will it make a difference?

I love my dpns, I don’t see a need to do circulars. :smiley: You can try the technique, and by all means get the addis, but I’ll probably always do my socks on dpns. :XX:

I’ve done socks on two Addis.

At yarn that gives 6-7 stitches to the inch on size 3’s, I had no problems. But at yarn giving 9 stitches to the inch on size 1’s I had ladders. I switched to DPNs and knit ladder free on the same yarn/needle size.

I think that having only 2 places where the sock can “bend” (if you know what I mean) puts more stress on the yarn than if you have four places.

Yep, me 2! :waving: I :heart: knitting socks on dpns as well!! :happydance: Sometimes I think…“maybe I should learn to knit socks on circulars to see what it’s like…” Then I’m like,“Nahhhh…What for??! When I love dpns so much…”

Like that old saying …“If it aint broke…don’t fix it.” :smiley:


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:smiley: I said the same thing…I still love dpns! But, I’m just beginning to experiment with socks on circs…too, too much fun…of course, all sock knitting is fun :smiley: If you like the way that you are knitting, knit on :wink:
I’m loving experimentation with different sock techniques :wink:

I :heart: :heart: :heart: making socks on 2 circs. I’ve never had problems with ladders – maybe because I learned to knit on 2 circs long before I tried to knit socks on them? One thing I looove is not having to use stitch markers, and when you get to the heel your stitches are already divided in half for the heelp flap. I haven’t done patterned socks yet but I imagine it will be just as convenient for the stitches to be divided on two needles for that too. :thumbsup:

I’m with you guys! I love knitting socks on DPNs and really see no reason to learn two circulars until I feel like I want to try something new. For now, I’m happy with DPNs. I looooooove them!

Thanks for all your replies. I had no idea so many of you :heart: your dpn’s. I really do too. I am making a plan to spend my birthday money. I would rather spend it on yarn than on needles.