Why Scrap Yarn

I have a pattern that calls for scrap yarn for the base. Why?:knitting:

What is the pattern for? Is it a free pattern online?

If it wants you to use scrap yarn to CO with, then knit the 1st row with the regular yarn, that’s probably for a provisional CO which you would later take out and pick up sts there or graft to another edge. But knowing a little more about the pattern would help us answer your question better.

This is most likely for a provisional cast on. After you finish knitting the main and or first portion of your project you will need live stitches to complete the project.

You can find the techniques here (http://www.knittinghelp.com/videos/cast-on) and here (http://knittingatknoon.com/provisional.html)

It’s for a felted bag. I don’t understand provisional CO. Yes, the pattern calls for picking up stitches and grafting.

A provisional CO is one where you use other yarn so you take it out and graft the ends together. The easiest is to do the backward loop CO with the other yarn, then start knitting with the regular yarn.