Why not knit heavy curtains?

Having had the idea of knitting curtains which are solid, not lace, and have some thickness to them, I discover that nobody does that. I don’t see anything on Ravelry about it, nothing here. No patterns. I asked a good knitter who is a friend yesterday and she just wrote back ‘no’. No explanation of what could go wrong. So…what COULD go wrong?

Presumably you can take account of how much they will drop and incorporate that into your knitting. I see it straightforwardly, make them wider than you think necessary and end them in some way which will be easy to take up if necessary.

Do it in a chunky gauge, it won’t take long and it seems to me that it would be one of those rare situations where you could have lovely curtains without paying the price of lovely curtains.

At the absolute worst, if the idea is no good, wouldn’t you be able to rearrange them into a throw?

I guess I’m missing the elephant in the room here, so I look forward to having it pointed out :slight_smile:

If your going to use a rod that will support the weight and don’t have to make it a permanent fixture (bolt it to the wall) Go for it…

Ah okay, so the weight of the curtain may overwhelm a normal curtain rod. I think I’m willing to take that risk, just to try it!