Why my husband and i don't go out

because when we do, things like this happen!

At least he was in his kennel and didn’t tear up the whole house! :slight_smile:

awwww…he looks like he is sorry!! :oops:

Awww… he does look sorry! lol

LOL he looks very sorry and very cute :wink:

We had friends who came home and found their whole apartment like that: sofa and chairs destroyed not usuable anymore, kitchen cookbooks destoyed, bathroom towels destroyed. It literally looked like someone came in with a chainsaw, stuffing was everywhere. Stuff these people had worked for was destroyed. :verysad: To this day I seriously believe that incident was the beginning of the end of their marriage. It was horrible.

Dogs get bored quite readily.

“Well, you didn’t give me a toy for company and the pig just stood here and refused to speak, so, what was I to do.”

:teehee: he looks like he is very sorry…

well we had a similar thing with our 1st Mastiff pup… we were told to crate her when we leave… but we thought :whoosh: too confining so in our infinite wisdom we used a baby gate in master bath… well she ate the door facings…
uh ya’d think we learned our lesson… DH repaired the damage and a fews days later we thought she now knew better… off we went came back to the same thing… Now we learned OUR lesson and crated her… no more issues…

with 2nd pup we crated her from beginning… Humans are harder to train :shrug: than the dogs…:wall::wall: :roflhard: :eyes:

:teehee: What a cute puppy! He does seem to know he did something wrong. How can you get angry at a little face like that?

Stitchwitch, your story is so sad! :pout:


When our oldest dog was a puppy, she figured out how to get out of her crate…no lying. She figured out how to raise up that bar and scootch it over.

Course we didn’t know this until we left her for a couple of hours. When we got home, we saw a couple of puffs of stuffing here and there…a trail leading us through the house…each pile of fluff a little bigger than the one before. We followed the trail up the stairs until we found Aubie…in the middle of the pillow she had destroyed.

DH blamed me for not closing the crate properly, but when it happened again, after [I]he[/I] closed the crate, we figured out we had a smart dog. We padlocked the crate after that, then lost the key (forcing us to pull out the bar from the corners each time we needed to get her out). A couple of years later, our son found the key. By that time, she had “forgotten” that she knew how to open it.

So, I hope this makes you feel a bit better. At least your dog was in the crate. Oh, what damage could have been done!


Awe, look at that face!
She was probably lonely…

Very true. Very true.

I say walk the heck out of the cute little booger before you leave the house!! Then he’ll be too tired to chew.

My parents German Shepherd does stuff like that. She hates being in her crate when we’re gone though so we usually just let her run around in the back yard. There’s NO way that she could be left in the house alone.

He looks just like my Clara–a boxer we had for a while. She managed to pull the stuffing out of the footrest of the recliner. :shrug: And I was home!

So cuuuute! I love boxers.:heart:

I dont think he has done that he is too cute…Someone else did it and is letting him take the blame!!!

Clearly it was the cat b/c such a cute pup wouldn’t have done something like that : )

Haha - my hubby and I go through the same thing. I finally found a fleece bed (quilted not stuffed) that she doesn’t seem to chew at. Now she just explodes all the rope toys (they really look wild when pulled apart) so I am making another $50 order at dog.com right now for more toys.

I also make sure to run the stuffins out of her before crating her and leave her with kong chew toys.

What a cutie!!!

He didn’t mean to HONEST:flirt:

I’m SURE some strange dog must have come in while you were gone and done it!!!

sid is a little mischief maker…i actually blamed my husband for this - sid has a flat, sheepskin fleece bed in his crate, but he had puked on it or something, and hubby threw that bed in the crate so sid would be comfortable - i would have known better! i love boxers, have owned boxers for many years, and will continue to always own a boxer, but sid is my husband’s first boxer puppy - my old boxer, emmett, was already 6 when he and i met - i keep telling my husband that when sid is 6, he’ll be a good boy, too - unfortunately, sid just had his first birthday, so we’ve got a ways to go…

Awww, so cute. He’s saying “sorry mom, I just got carried away!”