Why me? -- UPDATE!

Ok, I got home yesterday and sorted through the mail and guess what I got… no, not a big box full of yarn but a jury duty notice! :ick:

I have always wanted to do jury duty! I think it could be so interesting. I have been called twice but couldn’t actually do it either time. First time was in PA right after we moved to Seattle - the notice was forwarded to me. Second time was when my son was 4 or 5 months old and breastfeeding. So both times I had to decline. :frowning:

Funny how everyone but me seems to dread this! Hope you get through with a minimum of fuss on your part… or else you get something really interesting. :smiley:

I got called last summer for federal jury duty. Even though dh is in law enforcement, it freaked me out a bit to see the special agents with ear pieces. They even escorted you in the elevator and to the restroom. It was very strict! I didn’t get picked either…loads of security though.

I have always wanted to do jury duty!
oh sure. I hear this from someone every time I get a jury notice - yes, it’s a duty and an obligation of citizens, freedom/liberty/ etc etc - but sheesh, it takes a whole lot of effort and time and - why do those who say they WANT to do it never get picked??? (I should add a smiley here - I’m not really mad, I’m sorta teasing…)

Right now I’m 70+ miles away from our county seat where I was called last time. That’s a lot of miles on $3.15/gallon gas to hear a trial about someone who rear ended a car (at about 2-3 MPH, no one was hurt, it was when the light turned green) who may have had a beer or not, no one was sure, and then the case was dismissed partway through after we had about 3 30 minute recesses during the day, one of them called in mid-sentence. At least it only was that one day.

Or the one where the police clocked a truck going 70MPH in a 55 MPH zone, put 69 MPH on the ticket but the fellow says he was only doing 65 mph. Hello, why am I there listening to this??? Isn’t 65 MPH still over the speed limit? Do they really have jury trials for these issues? (yes)

Or the time I had to sit through the entire voir dire even though there was no way statistically I could get picked because of the way the judge set it up - no one past #42 could be picked, and I was #74 out of 75 - he would only allow a certain # to be disallowed by the lawyers.

Sorry for the rant - I hope everyone who [U]wants[/U] to do jury duty gets a chance to do it, soon. And doesn’t have to give up their knitting needles. And gets a chance to right a wrong. (And I also hope I don’t have to do it anymore.)

Me too!!! I’ve never received one before.

ugh- I feel your pain. I’m due to be called any time now and I just find it annoying. Yes, I’ll go and do my duty and all, and I’m glad to live in this fine Country where I have such a system, but its a pain. Last time I went for JD I got a parking ticket because the signs were missing. Somehow I was supposed to know (psychically?) that those spots were 1 h parking only!

I got a notice about 6 weeks ago, but put it off until school was out. Sure enough, I got a notice for the first day of vacation. I had to call each evening to see if I was needed. I guess the courts aren’t starting any new trials soon, so I’m off the hook.:happydance:

Ive been called once. When I lived in Abilene. The jury notice was for Wharton County…EIGHTS HOURS AWAY.


That was 6 years ago. I havent been called since.

That’s crazy! They shouldn’t be able to do that since it’d probably require the person to get a hotel and eveything. Not everyone can afford that just tor JD.

About fifteen years ago, 2 months after I started a new job with the state of Washington, I got called for city duty. A month later, I got county duty, moved the following month into a different city and a month after that, got city duty in the new location! 3 times in 4 months! :??

Fortunately, my boss just laughed each time, and the state paid me my regular wage while on duty.

Unfortunately, I just sat in the pool all week long all three times, and didn’t get to be called at all.

So I basically got to sit and knit all day AND get my regular pay check. :thumbsup:

Haven’t ever been called since. :sad:


You make it sound so horrible! LOL :teehee:

I’ve only gotten asked once… several years ago when the kids were still in elementary school. I showed up at the court house all bright n early, and when the judge came in, the first thing he said was if there was anyone who couldn’t serve or just didn’t want to, come up and explain. I told him that I had to drive my kids to and from school, and he said “you’re excused”. That was that.

I suppose I wouldn’t make an excuse if I was selected again. The kids are teens now and I think it would be interesting to be on a jury.

saaaWEEEEET! I want that gig!

[SIZE=3]That’s a hilarious rant Melinda! :rofling:

Well, I just don’t want to do it, haven’t won’t. Can’t help it. But then I live in Manhattan (part time) and the whole law scene downtown really freaks me. I finally registered to vote in my town where my house is upstate. I wouldn’t mind doing it up here coz it’s nice. Except the system up here is pretty darn unbelievable, a local fellow, an older fellow who lives way out in the middle of nowhere, just got 2 - 4 years for growing a couple of marijuana plants in his backyard. 2 to 4 years in jail. :pout:

ok - (please don’t judge me) - when we moved here 3 years ago, I refused to register to vote so I would not get jury duty. My DH did register to vote - and he has not been called, and I have. Go figure.

I guess I better to register to vote now.

2-4 years in jail does sound like a pretty steep sentence for growing a plant, even if the plant could be used for illegal medicinal-type purposes… and maybe he was only planning to make a rope or some hempseed oil from it? (is this a potential controversial topic??)

I’ve been called for Jury Duty twice now, went the first time, second time I was lucky, had moved out of the county in which I was called.

As it goes for me right now, all I have to do is call in on the 25th to see if I need to be there the next day. Unfortunately, the court house is about 50-60 miles in a different city.

I have been twice before when I lived in California. It’s my first time here in Oregon.

I was called once when I lived in Atlanta. I wasn’t a knitter then, but I sat all day at the courthouse and didn’t get picked. :pout:

After I moved to Texas AND had registered to vote here, my parents got a jury duty notice in their mail addressed to me with my maiden name. :shrug: Well, I wasn’t about to travel halfway across the country for jury duty. Before I even got the chance, my mom called for me and explained the situation, and they took me off the list. I’m still registered to vote in Texas, but havn’t been called in either place! Weird. :??

Well I called the jury clerk today and asked about knitting needles. She wanted to know if they were circular or straight. I told her straight wooden needles. I figure I will bring socks to work on, since they don’t take up a bunch of space. She said I could bring them with me to the waiting area. If I get called into a trial she said she would hold them for me. Sounds like she might be a knitter herself.

Well I called tonight about my jury duty tomorrow and

I have been excused! :woot::woot::woot:

The recording stated that there are no trials for the 26th and that if we were summoned for that day we are excused! Thank goodness… the thought of getting up very early and driving for an hour and half didn’t sound fun for me…:teehee:

[CENTER]:woot: Yeah! for law abiding folk! :woot:[/CENTER]

[CENTER]:cry: [SIZE=1][COLOR=silver]for extra knitting time…[/COLOR][/SIZE] :cry:[/CENTER]