Why knitters need head lamps

My power went out last night during a storm. No problem, I thought. I will just knit. HMMMMM… candlelight too dim unless I get 20 or so candles going, and it’s dark, and I don’t know where they are. flashlight! hmm… only one flashlight. Propped flashlight on shoulder and tried to aim towards the 4 dpns and sock I am knitting. Not so effective. So I decided I need a head lamp for the next time the lights go out. OR, the next time my DH complains that we have to watch the movie with a lamp on so I can knit. Problem solved:clink:

Ok, this proves that I am a die-hard knitter. I have 2 booklights that I keep near by for just such an emergency. I even keep one in my knitting bag. You can clip a booklight to your shirt and aim it at your knitting. :thumbsup:

Yes, I am totally addicted.

Oooo headlamp! Good idea! :thumbsup:

Hmm, that’s a great idea. When our power went out pre-dawn yesterday, I knit by candlelight! I should have remembered my daughter’s headlamp in the car’s glove compartment (both for camping and so she can read in the car at night).


We have 2 of those camping lanterns that run on batteries. Mainly because I’m totally blind in one eye when it’s dark, but works really well for knitting.

love those headlamps. got them for reading before I started knitting and they work great.

Hmmmm, You need the “Knitlites” needles! Only, I don’t think they are made in DPNs or circulars! Book Lites are a SUPER idea for this… gotta go find mine and put it into my bag. Thanks, Silver!

Umm, Don’t mean to sound ignorant here, but what is a Head Lamp ?[/COLOR][/B]

They make small head lamps for bikers- a band around the head and small but powerful beam from the little light. I use my husbands when I need light and I’m trying to use both hands, never thought of it for power outage knitting, but if that happens I will remember it. My husband uses it for if he’s trying to fix something in a computer tower- he can see all the nooks and crannies and still use both hands.

I don’t know, but I’m picturing those helmets they use in the garage/construction with a big ol’ light in front. I can’t imagine everyone sitting around with those on!:roflhard:


This is funny. I was just looking at an LED headlamp at a truckstop yesterday and thought about how handy it would be for knitting in the truck after dark. The interior lighting in my truck is less than perfect for knitting and sometimes it’s hard to see what I am doing.

I think I’ll stop and pick one up later today.

I was knitting a while back in the evening when the power went out. I got a candle and kept going. But it got darker so I closed my eyes and kept knitting. Luckily I was doing the cuff of a sock and just felt the stitches. The next morning I checked my knitting and it looked fine. Wouldn’t want to have to do that often or on a pattern row. The head lamp sounds like a wonderful idea.:yay:

There are different types, but here’s one. They are generally used for hands-free lighting in places where a flashlight or lantern would be awkward or useless. Plus they are apparently good for knitting! :teehee:

hmm, I could just see knitters everywhere wearing mining helmets

I have multiple headlamps from my hiking and backpacking days. They’re perfect for knitting! My local SnB meets at this really dark cafe, and the eye strain was incredible. Everyone thought it was goofy, but then they all wanted borrow it.

This may be an extreme, but our house is on solar, so we don’t have power outages when the grid goes down. Just something to think about… but it may be overkill just for avoiding knitting in the dark…!

I love that you all agree with me!:woohoo:Now lets all get our headlamps and go knit in a dark cafe!

and we should all take pictures of our head lamps-dh has a baseball cap my Dad gave him for Christmas last year that has 2 little bulbs on it and I could use that if our power goes out. I’ve always wanted a booklight though-good idea Silver.

I knit, I backpack/hike. My headlamp gets used for both.

This is mine. It rocks out loud when the power goes out. Great for knitting in the car at night too. (As a passenger, of course! ):cool:


I must be addicted too
I have both
those triangle booklights that kids can use to play midnight tag
a Headlamp I use to walk the dog
BOTH work in the dark
as do the light sensitive candle lamps in the window that we have in all the sleeping rooms