Why knit a dishcloth?

I mean, they are easy and fun to make(I assume, but I’ve never made one), but you can buy dishcloths for almost as cheap as it would take to make one. You can get a bag of 10 for about $1 at the dollar store. I think they would be great for beginner knitters, so what is the attraction to dishcloths? Just wondering. I see so many patterns for them.
P.S. Do you use 100% cotton for them?

I think the attraction is that they’re small and quick and give you a chance to practice different stitches. And if you make them from something like Lily Sugar & Cream, they’re really inexpensive.

As for being able to buy them cheap, I can go to the LL Bean website right now and I’m sure I can find nice sweaters on really good clearance. So why should I make any more sweaters when I can buy one at $20?

I think we can ALL answer that question!

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I agree with Ingrid.

I never thought about practicing different stitches. Good idea! I need all the practice I can get and starting with something small like a dishcloth is a good way to start.

I am currently making discloths so I have quick things to do while I am packing. I wanted hand made dishcloths for my kitchen, I learned how to increase and decrease on them, as well as a few other stitches and they are done pretty quick.

I am using 100% cotton, I read somewhere that if you intend to use them you should only use that.

Anyone have pictures they can post of their dishcloths?

these are my cloths, I try and do one or two a day

That sounds like the reasoning that I get about knitting socks, too…lol! Why knit socks for x# of $ when you can buy a pair for $1.99?! Because I like to do it :smiley: ; knitting socks is fun, fun, fun, oh yeah…and fun :wink: .
I’ve not yet made dish clothes, but I’m going to because, like Lisa, I want handmade dishcloths in my kitchen…and you can have fun with them and do all sorts of sts on them :wink: and experiment…and end up with very nice dishcloths in your kitchen, right?!

Handknit washcloths are even better than dishcloths. They totally look the same, but you use one in the kitchen on dirty dishes, and the other in the bathroom on your body. :slight_smile:

I love those washcloths, InterNette!! I’ve really got to go to Hancocks and get some cotton!!

Wow InterNette! Those are great! I can see the designs on them. Love the kitty cloth best.

Love those cloths InterNette. :smiley:

Wait a minute, InterNette. Did you say one or two a DAY???

InterNette, those are beautiful! :shock:

I have crocheted several cotton dishcloths, and potholders, but I’ve not knit any yet. I didn’t see the point in wasting my time on them; but now that you guys point it out, it does make sense to practice new stitches that way! :figureditout:

Personally, I think I’d rather use them for washcloths, as my dishcloths get to looking pret-tee nasty. :rollseyes:

No where near as creative or as pretty as Nette’s…but here are mine…

Lisa, be happy that we are internet friends…or I :mad: would just have to pinch you for saying something like that!!
Yours are too beautiful for words! AND I got the idea of doing them for my kitchen from you, you knitwit!! :roflhard: :roflhard: sorry, knitwit was funny to me :roflhard: :roflhard:
Anyway…don’t ever say something like that :fingerwag: again!!

I love the stitches on your dishcloths Lisa! Going to look for patterns now

Thanks Rebecca and Jackie, they are really easy to do, the pattern is called Grandmother’s Favorite. I know there is a link to the site on pattern central. They are really very easy and quick. Besides, Sugar 'n Cream is sooooooo inexpensive, I paid 1.99 for 4 ounces and I have gotten 3 dishclothes out of the skein and I am not done yet. The varigated color was 3 oz and I am working on my 3rd cloth now.

Jackie, just to clarify…I am a novice knitter, I have only been knitting since January, so I am still learning so much. As several have said before, dishclothes are a way to work on new patterns and be done with an object quickly. Someone mentioned to Joel I think that cotton was hard to work with, but I have not found it to be, I have found it very easy to manipulate. I went looking for new patterns, and there are a bazillion out there to do. Now if I can just finish HP first…

Thanks everyone, I took the beginners knitting class last month in June and I am having a ball. I challenge myself with the videos and patterns I find. the dishcloths are a good way to practice. I also quilt and plan on doing potholders to match for some gifts. So I am working on a large stack, these take no time at all. Lisa I havent tried the grandmothers favorite, but they look sturdy and will be adding a couple of those also I think.

I’ve been knitting dishcloths inbetween larger projects and they serve as nice breaks. Plus it’s so refreshing to quickly finish a project. I’m saving them up to use as stocking stuffers this Christmas for the women in my family. Some of the varigated yarn looks so pretty with the simple patterns!