Why is the last stitch on either end of needle always so loose

I must be doing something wrong because every last stitch is very very lose, it doesn’t seem to matter what kind of stitch it is knit or purl ect. it’s always very lose, when I see other knitters work they don’t have that problem. Can anyone please advise.
Thanks for looking!! :knitting:

That’s a very common problem. When you turn your work over to do the next row, just pull it very tight. Some people pull that stitch (which was the last from the previous row, and is now the first on the current row) very tight, and then also, just slip it to the right hand needle without working it, and then start to work the 2nd and the rest of the sts as usual. Not knitting the first stitch of each row helps a bit.

Yes, slipping the first stitch helps, as well as working the first 3 stitches tightly–the first stitch can get wrapped around the needle a bit and tighten up.

It happens because the stitch is only connected on one side.

Wow, I never thought to ask this question, but I’m soo glad you did!

That is a question I needed answered also. Thanks for asking it.